Q: What is Crew Pond?
A: Crew Pond is a platform that helps connect two parties together under their mutual working agreement.

Q: Is Crew Pond free?
A: All users get to list themselves and make offers on jobs completely free. All users get 20 free job posts per month. It’s $5.50 for each additional connection after the 20 free job postings. Or a $22 monthly subscription which gives users unlimited job postings and access to the web portal.

Q: What is a Hirer?
A: A person or organization that employs and/or engages people or an organization for services in exchange for payment.

Q: What is a Jobber?
A: A person or organization that is hired for their services in exchange for payment.

Q: What is SOS?
A: SOS is a shout-out for Jobbers to make a priority offer if a Hirer needs to hire someone fast. A $55 SOS charge will be applied to the Hirer per Jobber. The Jobber will receive a $30 SOS fee once the SOS job has been completed.

Q: What does the “Private” function mean when creating a job?
A: Making a job “private” will make it so that your posting is not seen by the public. From here, you can personally invite the Jobbers you want for that job.

Q: What is a Super User?
A: Have unlimited postings with a monthly subscription of $22. This also gives users access to the web portal to complement their mobile apps.

Q: What is a Key Jobber?
A: Stand out from the crowd and be one of the top-searched Jobbers for only $5.50 a month.